What is a respondent?

  • A respondent is defined as an answered survey. Participants who do not begin a survey are not counted towards this limit.


How many respondents do I get?

  • Basic
    • The yearly price includes up to 1,000 respondents
    • You can add additional respondents in blocks of 1,000 for $295 per block
  • Premier
    • The yearly price includes up to 35,000 respondents
    • If you need to add more respondents, please contact us


What happens if I go over my allotted number of respondents?

  • We don't prevent over-the-limit respondents from completing a survey since that might negatively impact the relationship between you and your study participants.  Instead, the respondents will be able to complete the survey and their data will be collected.  To see that data, simply purchase additional respondents, which are sold in blocks of 1,000 for the Basic Plan. For the Premier Plan, please contact us if you anticipate needing more than 35,000 respondents.


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