Longitudinal Data Support

Allow your surveys to tap into the power of results over time.

Surveier makes handling longitudinal studies a breeze. Both surveys and respondents can be quickly copied over for subsequent timepoints. And unlike other survey systems, Surveier gives you the freedom to modify the surveys used at different time points in the study. Edit, add or delete questions as you desire and Surveier will link them across time periods ‘behind the scenes’. Reports are presented in easy-to-read columns, so you can readily view changes over time. Exporting longitudinal data for analysis is simple with Surveier; data are merged for you, so you don’t have to merge each time you export.


In longitudinal studies, use Surveier’s e-mail feature to set up automatic, regularly scheduled e-mails that are sent to participants at each timepoint in your study. Reminder e-mails can be sent to those who have not completed or have not started the survey.

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