Protect Your Data and Your Participants

User permissions and support for HIPAA compliance make Surveier a secure way to collect and store your data.


Surveier supports a variety of permission levels for members of your research team. A few clicks sets permission for who can, and who can't, see, copy, or chain to a particular survey; create, edit, and preview the survey; open and close a survey; send e-mails; view reports; export data; lock data; and view personally identifiable data. Surveier's granular system allows you to assign any combination of these permissions to each individual on your team.

Lock responses

After checking the accuracy of data entry, users with permission can lock, and unlock, an individual participant's responses to prevent inadvertent data corruption.

HIPAA compliance and IRB support

Survey responses that contain personally identifiable information can be flagged and handled separately using the permissions feature. In addition, as a Surveier customer, you have access to free written materials for the grant and contract application process to support the use of Surveier in your research studies.

Data storage and backup

Surveier uses 128-bit SSL encryption of data transfer, secure certificates, and encrypted offline storage. The Surveier servers are fully monitored 24 hours a day.

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